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Our HRDF Approved Digital Marketing & Technology Training Courses

We are proud to offer an amazing selection of digital marketing and technology related training courses for 2024, all of which are approved by the Human Resource Development Corporation (HRD Corp), previously known as HRDF, so that costs can be reclaimed for eligible businesses and organisations under the HRD Corp SBL-KHAS scheme.

With emphasis placed on offering the best structured courses, developed around tried and tested methods used in the United Kingdom, you can be assured that our training sessions are great value, designed to enhance and springboard you business or organisation in their respective sectors. Please do contact us should you have any queries.


We have created extra dates for our popular training courses taking place in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Klang Valley, including our most popular courses for social media marketing for business, search engine optimisation (SEO), advanced facebook marketing, mobile app for business use and professional drone UAV piloting training courses. Plus our brand new course: TikTok for Business Marketing.


Please click on the screenshot to the left to download our complete schedule of course offerings for the year 2024.


We offer all of our courses as in-house and one-to-one training sessions and workshops at no extra charges. Please contact us to learn more about these types of sessions.


To keep up to date with the latest training courses as well as any changes affecting existing courses, please sign up to our newsletter or join our Facebook page to receive the latest information.

Social Media

Our social media marketing training course is our most popular offering since 2012, covering strategies and techniques that businesses can apply for an effective presence online.

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Facebook for Business

Facebook Marketing and content publishing are vital strategies for strengthening brand visibility and engaging with customers.

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Email Marketing

Creating and deploying effective email marketing campaigns is an important digital strategy for communicating effectively with audiences.

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Drone Piloting

We offer Malaysia's first HRDF drone UAV piloting training with comprehensive coverage of the subject matter and utilising expert instructors.

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Search Engine Optimisation

 Without SEO, your customers and clients cannot find you online. Our SEO training program covers the fundamentals to increase visibility.

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TikTok Training

TikTok for digital marketing is now an  essential channel for businesses. Our TikTok training course presents a comprehensive understanding of this exciting platform

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