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3 Day Advanced Drone UAV Pilot Training Course

Comprehensive Drone Operator Training Program in Malaysia


Each training day start at 9.30am until 5.00pm. This course is 100% HRDF claimable. Download course brochure and registration form. NOTE: Venue may be subject to change.

Malaysia's Premier HRDF Claimable and Professional Level UAV Drone Pilot Training Programme

Clients include:


UAV Drone commercial flying training course in Selangor


Due to high demand and the immense popularity of our HRD Corp (HRDF) Drone UAV Piloting training course, we have introduced extra dates and more training sessions, doubling the planned classes for 2022. Email us for further details today

Professional flying and piloting of a drone or UAV is becoming an integral part of many industries and sectors including:

  • agriculture

  • aerial mapping

  • site and asset inspections

  • surveillance

  • photography and much more


Our 3-day advanced expert training course takes you through the complete process with a program designed to cover everything you need to know. An FAA equivelant assessment at the end of the training course ensures the right skills have been understood and acquired.

We also focus on the practical flying and piloting elements of training, ensuring hands on practice with an actual drone, through the use of expert instructors and drone operators. With our small class sizes, you can be confident in receiving a personal training session equipping you with the skills needed for your work or job role.


Furthermore, we ensure that all critical areas of learning to operate a drone or UAV are covered from pre-flight checks to safely operating and landing. Contact us today to learn more about this training program. Register for this training course by filling in our interest form.

Preview our advanced UAV Drone operating HRDF training course with practical flying practice and assessment

Drone Piloting Professional Training

CAAM Compliant

Our training course is compliant to the high standards set by CAAM (Civil Aviation Authority Malaysia), including adhering to safety requirements and regulations

Certified and Approved HRDF Training

FAA Standard Assessment

A practical as well as written assessment is carried out ensuring attendees gain FAA standard rating

Expert Drone Piloting Training Course Malaysia

Tried and Tested

Industry leading course with hands-on sessions and a practical curriculum applicable in a variety of real-world environments and job roles covering wide sectors and business types

Drone Piloting Advanced Training Course Programme

Day One:

  • Understanding your drone

  • What can a UAV do?

  • Drone Regulations and Safety

  • Drone Platforms and Components

  • Understanding Flight Control

  • System Set Up - Connecting Your Drone

  • Understanding Your Flight Display

  • Pre Flight Checks

  • Preparing For Your First Flight

  • Take Off Techniques

  • Hovering and Throttle Control

  • Pitch and Roll Control

  • Safely Landing

  • Emergency Situations and Procedures

Day Two:

  • Practical Flying

  • Mission Specific: Flying for Purpose

  • Autonomous Flight and Intelligent Flight Modes

  • Industry Best Practice

Day Three:

  • Practical Flying

  • Advanced Functions and Features

  • Scenario Based Flying Assessment

  • FAA (Federal Aviation Authority USA) Standard Assessment

Our drone and UAV pilot training program is focused on developing capable operators who can fly mission specific for the industry or sector they wish to work in.

By beginning with the basics, participants are taken through the fundamentals of piloting before moving on to the advanced capabilities and strategies utilised in professional commercial drone flying. The advanced course concludes with an assessment, based on the FAA remote operating test from the US.

Dates above unsuitable?​

Prefer custom drone flying training?​

Contact us for in-house and one-to-one training at no extra cost!

Or Call: 010 425 0886

Course Benefits

Following this drone UAV pilot training course, you will understand:

  • The fundamentals of drone operation

  • How to operate drones safely and efficiently

  • How to perform manoeuvres and movements required

  • Pre-flight checks and procedures

  • Interfaces and platforms

  • Regulations and tips for effective operation

  • How to operate all the features of using a drone or UAV

Prefer further practice and flying hours of your drone under expert guidance?​

Contact us for our one-to-one and more custom solution!

Or Call: 010 425 0886

Industries and Uses
  • Construction industry and site inspections

  • Utility companies

  • Media and broadcast industry

  • Agriculture and farm spraying

  • Aerial surveying, mapping and modeling

  • Inspections and repairs

  • Recreational and entertainment

  • Police, security, surveillance and fire rescue services

  • Aerial photography and videography

Pre Requisites
  • No prior knowledge of drone operation is required

  • Smartphone or tablet is beneficial to bring along

  • Suitable outdoor wear recommended

This Drone and UAV piloting training course is also available for registration in Ipoh (Perak), Penang, Kelantan, Terengganu, Port Dickson, Johor Bahru, Kuching (Sarawak) and Kota Kinabalu (Sabah). Please contact us for assistance.

How to Register for our Drone Piloting Training Programme

  • Online: The easiest and quickest method to register for the above course is online, by clicking on the appropriate link above. For early bird rates, confirmation and payment must be made at least one week prior to course date. No payment is taken online.

  • E-mail: Send us an email at including your name, contact number and title of course you wish to register for. We will then contact you with further details and can confirm your place at the course.

  • SMS: Text us at 010 425 0886 including your name, email address and title of course you wish to register for. We will then contact you with further details and can confirm your place at the course.

  • Phone: Call us on 010 425 0886 and discuss your interest with one of our consultants.

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