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Our Clients

Since 2012, Charles Mann Solutions has worked with numerous companies and organisations around the world. Below are some of our more established clients with whom we have partnered and worked with in various capacities. We are proud to have covered such wide areas within Malaysia, not just around Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley, but also Ipoh, Penang, Johor Bahru, Kuantan, Melaka, Kuching and Kelantan. We have also served international clients from the region including Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam and even Bhutan!

Financial and Professional






Property, Construction and Development


Travel, Transport and Tourism


Retail, Shopping and F&B


Utilities and Services



Our Courses

Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing training program is developed specially for attendees to understand the fundamentals and principles of online marketing with a focus on good content and online engagement. Learn More.

Introductory Facebook Marketing

Our Facebook marketing course is created specifically for participants to take away practical and applicable skills that can be used immediately in their job role. Learn More.

Effective Email Marketing

Learning how to take advantage of and benefit from the many email addresses your company may have in its database allows you to reach out and connect with your target market in an effective manner. Our training course is practical and hands-on. Learn More.

Advanced Facebook Techniques

Understanding some of the advanced features of Facebook through our training course will allow your business or organisation to have an edge, enabling it to connect and interact with an online audience in a much more effective and intelligent manner. Learn More.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

By implementing the SEO techniques and methods taught in our training course, you will be able to effectively increase your visibility online, particularly on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Learn More.

Drone and UAV Piloting Training

Acquiring the skills and expertise of operating a drone or UAV is becoming essential in many industries and businesses. Our practical flying training course covers the many areas to gain this skill. Learn More.

Mobile Apps for Business

Mobile apps allow your brand to be available in the hands of your target market at all times. By acquiring the understanding of how to develop an effective app for your business that enhances your brands or products visibility is vital and covered in our training course. Learn More.

Creating Persuasive Websites

Designing a good website that is user friendly and engaging is important to ensure success online. Our training course covers the essentials of good online presence, allowing attendees to leave with the fundamentals of developing a good design brief. Learn More.

All training courses are HRDF Claimable.

Want something special?​

Prefer customised training?​

We specialise in creating custom programmes for in-house delivery, ensuring that relevant and industry specific knowledge is passed on to attendees.


Contact us for in-house and one-to-one training at no extra cost!

Or Call: 010 425 0886

Download and read our case studies within these sectors and industries:

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