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EQ EI Emotional Intelligence Training Couse HRDF

The leading HRDF Emotional Intelligence (EI) training in Malaysia

Emotional Intelligence Infused Mindfulness Training:
2 Combined Superpowers for Emotional Balance Resulting in Increased Productivity

A 2-Day Mindfulness Combined with Emotional Intelligence Training Course in Selangor

Our Emotional Intelligence (EI) training course is unique and the first in Malaysia to incorporate elements of mindfulness to the content, ensuring employees benefit from the session in being exposed to a wide spectrum of elements when it comes to EI. 

With the multi-cultural teams and elements in companies today in Malaysia, our skills based training programme is conducted in a fun and interactive manner to ensure employees understand the importance of applying skills in a workplace that are relevant and considerate for todays environment.


Training Schedule for Emotional Intelligence Infused Mindfulness Training:

All courses last two full days, starting at 9.30am until 5.00pm. This course is 100% HRDF claimable. Download course brochure and registration form.

Malaysia's Premier HRDF Claimable Emotional Intelligence (EI) Training Course - Unique with Mindfulness Elements Infused!

Angela (Paloma) Eimer’s 2-day program stands out as a premier HRDC claimable Mindfulness Course in Selangor due to its unique integration of Mindfulness with Emotional Intelligence, tailored specifically for the corporate environment.

This distinguished course not only enhances workplace productivity and mental clarity but also fosters a culture of resilience and empowered decision-making, making it a cutting-edge investment in human capital.

A Journey of Dual Empowerment:

In the bustling canvas of life, the art of maintaining emotional stability while enhancing productivity is non-negotiable. This meticulously crafted program is not just a training session but a journey that seamlessly intertwines Emotional Intelligence (EI) with the ancient practice of Mindfulness. This synergy of EI and Mindfulness is the gateway to achieving a harmonious balance between the participants emotions and actions, leading to an enriching life and a thriving career.

Mindfulness: The Art of Present Living

Mindfulness is their second superpower, teaching them to live in the present moment consciously and purposefully. It is not just a practice but a way of life that helps them embrace each moment with greater acceptance, patience, and gratitude. When infused with Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness becomes a beacon guiding them through the fog of stress, anxiety, and emotional turmoil towards a lighthouse of calm, focus, and balanced productivity.

Combined Synergy: Emotional Balance & Increased Productivity

The alchemy of Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness doesn’t just stop at personal wellbeing. When these two superpowers are synergized, they unlock unprecedented levels of productivity and efficiency in everyones’ professional sphere. Through various interactive modules, hands-on activities, and reflective sessions, this program will equip them with the tools to navigate through the complexities of emotions and challenges of work with grace and confidence.

This one day training course and workshop will teach what to do in order to create a crisis management plan that is social media compliant and effective when so exposed via online platforms and channels. It will also provide an understanding of how customers and citizens use social media to vent opinions and give feedback, as well as how organisations can respond in crisis situations, including areas such as correcting negative brand perceptions as well as removing abuse and spam content on social media platforms. Register for this training course by filling in our interest form.

2-Day Course

Kickstart mindful collaboration and beyond in professional and personal environments

Innovative Trainer & Framework

Participants embark on own learning and self-empowerment journey


Our approach is to cater for individual needs. We ensure that our training session fulfils your specific needs and working job role

Course Programme


  • Introduction and Ice-Breaker

  • Exploring Mindfulness

  • Practical Application of Mindfulness

  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence

  • Linking Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence

  • Active Mindful Listening

  • Role-Playing EI Scenarios

  • Mindfulness in Daily Life

  • Emotional Intelligence in Relationships

  • Multicultural Mindfulness

  • The Art of Feedback

  • Mindfulness at the Workplace

  • Cultural Nuances in Emotional Intelligence

  • Walking Mediation

  • Brief Deviation on S.M.A.R.T. (E.R.) Goals/Goal Setting

  • Setting Personal Goals/Creating a HABIT & ROUTINE System for Continuous  (Consistent) Application


Who Should Attend


Employees and teams from all companies with Multi-Cultural Work Environments.​

Emotional Intelligence Corporate Team Training Selangor Malaysia

Dates above unsuitable?​

Prefer bespoke training?​

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Course Benefits

Following this course, you will be able to:  

  • Master and apply the foundational principles of mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

  • Tactically navigate through challenging relationship situations, in both, private and professional lives, with a mindful and balanced perspective.

  • Diminish personal levels of stress and anxiety, positively influencing their surrounding community and professional environment through proactive emotional management.

  • Craft and pursue personal goals , systematically enhancing their proficiency in Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence through deliberate practice.

  • Execute practical applications of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence in daily routines, and multicultural working atmospheres.

  • Embark on incorporating essential elements, transforming into EI infused Mindful Super-communicators & adept leaders within their communities.

Prefer bespoke advice?​

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Or Call: 010 425 0886

How to Register for our Emotional Intelligence (EI) Training Course:

Our Emotional Intelligence training course is also available for registration in Ipoh (Perak), Penang, Kelantan, Terengganu, Port Dickson, Johor Bahru, Kuching (Sarawak) and Kota Kinabalu (Sarawak). Please contact us for assistance.

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