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Learn to Create Powerful Email Campaigns Using Mailchimp

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The leading HRDF Mailchimp email marketing training course in Malaysia


Email Marketing is one of the most cost effective and powerful forms of online digital marketing and often forms the core of corporate marketing strategies. When managed properly using tools such as Mailchimp, email marketing can be an effective method of promoting products and services, as well as effectively engaging with customers and clients. It is inexpensive, reliable, measureable and the return on investment (ROI) can be very high.


But it’s getting harder and harder to capture the attention of email subscribers and to engage with them effectively. It is also becoming difficult to conduct campaigns without damaging your brand, especially as recipients are now more wary of SPAM marketing and online fraud.


Our new fully-revised Email Marketing Mailchimp training course, also known as EDM (Email Direct Marketing), has been designed to help you make substantial improvements to your email blasting campaigns. We teach the fundamental principles behind email marketing strategies, you will gain an impressive insight into this advertising medium and will be able to confidently deploy and manage effective campaigns. Register for this training course by filling in our interest form.

Course Programme

  • Permission and E-permission marketing

  • Defining your goals

  • E-marketing strategies with Mailchimp

  • Choosing your metrics

  • Setting your budgets

  • Email marketing essentials

  • Conducting a competitive analysis

  • Planning and delivering email campaigns

  • Emailing for customer acquisition and rentention

  • Customer acquisition methods - on and offline

  • Encouraging web visitors to subscribe

  • Crafting effective registration processes

  • Customer retention strategies

  • Choosing frequency schedules

  • Creating effective email campaigns

  • Building trust with subscribers

  • Developing engaging content

  • Improving the value offering of your emails

  • Planning for Viral and Social Media Marketing

  • HTML email design and technology

  • Branding your design

  • Working with email templates

  • Choosing colours and fonts

  • Thinking about navigation

  • Designing for the preview pane

  • Designing for ‘Above the Fold’

  • Improving scannability

  • Using links intelligently

  • Short vs long copy

  • Thinking about subject lines and from fields

  • HTML email development

  • HTML vs text emails

  • Email reader compatibility and testing

  • Improving inbox deliverability

  • Avoid looking like a spammer

  • Improving list quality

  • Removing non-responsive emails

  • How to minimise unsubscribes and complaints

  • Campaign measurement and making on-going improvements

  • Understanding conversion and performance metrics

  • Tracking landing pages

  • Reducing abandonment and bounce rates

  • Structured approaches to testing

  • A/B and Multivariate testing

  • Analysing test results

  • The future of email marketing

  • Social Media - the death of email?


Who Should Attend

  • Web Designers and Developers

  • Sales and Marketing Staff

  • Marketing Executives

  • Junior Digital Marketers

  • Marketing Graduates

  • Business Development Managers

  • PR Professionals

  • Advertisers

  • Event Organisers and Managers

  • Promotions and Customer Service Managers

  • Online Marketers

  • Digital Strategists

  • Business Owners

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Course Benefits

Following our email marketing course, you will understand how to:  

  • Effectively plan your email marketing campaigns using Mailchimp

  • Stay within SPAM guidelines when broadcasting emails

  • Create a strategy to build segmented target lists

  • Improve your inbox deliverability success rates

  • Interpret campaign metrics and make continuous improvements

  • Learn about landing pages and best practice guidelines

  • Create HTML emails using best practice design and development guidelines

  • Test your email HTML across different email readers and service providers

  • Plan for future developments and innovations in email marketing

All delegates will receive a certificate, hard and soft copies of course materials and four weeks post course support.

The above Email Marketing with Mailchimp training course is also available for registration in Ipoh (Perak), Penang, Kelantan, Terengganu, Port Dickson, Johor Bahru, Kuching (Sarawak) and Kota Kinabalu (Sarawak). Please contact us for assistance.

How to Register

  • Online: The easiest and quickest method to register for the above course is online, by clicking on the appropriate link above. For early bird rates, confirmation and payment must be made at least one week prior to course date. No payment is taken online.

  • E-mail: Send us an email at info@charlesmann.com.my including your name, contact number and title of course you wish to register for. We will then contact you with further details and can confirm your place at the course.

  • SMS: Text us at 010 425 0886 including your name, email address and title of course you wish to register for. We will then contact you with further details and can confirm your place at the course.

  • Phone: Call us on 010 425 0886 and discuss your interest with one of our consultants.