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Images Sizes and Dimensions in Facebook


For a business or organisation to have a presence on Facebook is a no-brainer. And there are many features of Facebook that can enhance that presence.

However, the most effective impact can be made with the correct use of images within your Facebook page. Facebook caters well for the placement of images in a variety of locations on the page as well as a variety of sizes.

To take maximum benefit of using images, the dimensions and sizes of these images need to be sized correctly. Below, are the recommended sizes to use:

Cover Photo:  Width 851 pixels  Height 315 pixels
The cover photo is the name Facebook gives to the large panaromic image that spreads across the top of your page.

Profile Image:  Width 180 pixels  Height 180 pixels
The profile image, utilised in previous versions of Facebook, is the smaller image space located towards the bottom left of the cover photo space.

Link Thumbnail:  Width 90 pixels  Height 90 pixels
The small thumbnail image that appears in your posts as a link.

Uploaded Photos:  Width 2048 pixels Height 2048 pixels
This refers to the uploaded photographs you add to your Facebook albums.

Displayed Photos: Width 960 pixels  Height 720 pixels
This is the size that photographs are displayed at when opened from your Facebook album.

Pinned Post:  Width 403 pixels  Height 403 pixels
When you pin a post to highlight it and make more prominent, a larger image can be displayed.

Milestone Picture: Width 843 pixels  Height 403 pixels
When adding a milestone, Facebook allows you to add a larger image spread across the page.


Abdul Awwal Mahmood (Master Trainer/Consultant)

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