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Mobile Apps Development for Business Training Course

Learn the Benefits and Opportunities of Apps


The leading HRDF mobile app business training course in Malaysia

Training Schedule for Mobile Apps Development for Business Training Course :

All courses last one full day, starting at 9.30am until 5.00pm. This course is 100% HRDF claimable. Download course brochure and registration form.

Take this Course as a Customised One-to-One Session at No Extra Cost and with No Minimum Participants Requirement!

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The number of smartphone users has risen sharply to over 1.5 billion worldwide, mainly due to the growth and popularity of iPhone and Android devices, and is expected to cross the 2 billion mark by end of 2015. Businesses are waking up to the immense opportunities the latest mobile apps can bring to their brands and services, which the technology and pace of adoption are making possible.


But do you know how to make the most of mobile apps when used as part of a wider marketing or communications strategy? How do you navigate through the various mobile platforms, technologies and terminology, to reach your end users effectively and within budget? And what are the best methods to employ to convince your business’ stakeholders of the value of mobile apps and the opportunities it presents? Furthermore, how can you evaluate success and make informed long term improvements?


Our mobile apps training course cuts through the technical mumbo-jumbo and takes a case-study based look at how mobile applications can benefit your business or organisation as part of a wider marketing or communications strategy - in both the B2B and B2C environments. The training course suggests practical approaches and processes for commissioning, developing and evaluating apps and goes through the processes of concept creation and design briefs. You will also create a basic tailored app just for your business to get a feel for the technology. Register for this training course by filling in our interest form.

Course Programme


  • Overview of the mobile app market

  • Cutting through the data and jargon

  • Making sense of the smart phone world and quantifying the marketing and comms opportunity

  • The main players: who they are and why you need to know

  • Usage trends: who uses smart devices and for what?

  • Mobile app strategy, integration and measurement

  • The 5 key questions to define the role of mobile app

  • The key Integration Touch Points that will ensure mobile apps are part of the marketing, communications or HR strategy

  • Analytics: how to interpret the analytics to make them useful

  • Mobile app development: time, resources and costs

  • Picking the right team to build and maintain your apps

  • The pros and cons of in-house, agency and freelance programmers

  • Time and costs - what you should plan for

  • Mobile app development: stakeholder management

  • Identifying cross-functional stakeholders

  • Common issues for influencers and blockers

  • Identifying IT capabilities/system integration capabilities

  • Working with legal/risk management/data management teams

  • Agreeing the ROI/Cost vs Objectives with the leadership team

  • Mobile app development: app types, design and the user experience

  • The 4 types of mobile apps: what you need to know before you start development

  • QR Codes: when to use them and how to use them

  • Native apps versus web apps: choosing between the two

  • Mobile app development: the process

  • Drawing up a timeline and process plan

  • The creative brief - the key sections in a Mobile App Brief

  • Testing, testing, testing – Using both user and technical testing

  • Looking to the future: challenges and trends ahead

  • Mobile app technology - what and where next?


Who Should Attend


  • Web Designers and Developers

  • Sales and Marketing Staff

  • Marketing Executives

  • Junior Digital Marketers

  • Marketing Graduates

  • Business Development Managers

  • PR Professionals

  • Advertisers

  • Event Organisers and Managers

  • Promotions and Customer Service Managers

  • Online Marketers

  • Digital Strategists

  • Business Owners


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Course Benefits

Following this mobile app development training course, you will understand how to:  


  • Plan and brief mobile apps for your business

  • Integrate mobile apps into your marketing, communications or engagement campaigns

  • Confidently present the case for deploying mobile apps to senior management

  • Identify the type and design of mobile app that meets your business objectives

  • Evaluate and measure performance

  • Create your own smartphone app tailored to your business



All delegates will receive a certificate, hard and soft copies of course materials and four weeks post course support.

Prefer bespoke advice?​

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Or Call: 010 425 0886

How to Register for Mobile Apps Development for Business Training Course :

This Mobile Apps for Business training course is also available for registration in Ipoh (Perak), Penang, Kelantan, Terengganu, Port Dickson, Johor Bahru, Kuching (Sarawak) and Kota Kinabalu (Sarawak). Please contact us for assistance.

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