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Our Services

In-House HRD Corp Approved Training Under SBL-Khas Scheme

For businesses and organisations wishing to benefit more from our courses, Charles Mann Solutions is happy to arrange in-house training whereby our instructors will conduct bespoke, tailored and customised sessions in the chosen subject area.

Benefits of this arrangement are numerous, one of which is attendees and participants gaining knowledge focused to their industry or sector, with specific examples and case studies that are relevant and suited to the business or organisation. With a customised presentation, attendees will be able to effectively put into practice the knowledge gained, specific to their job role and relevant to their job role and company objectives. With a clearly defined strategy and action plan, your staff will be able to efficiently utilise the skills learnt in any project or department.

Furthermore, there is no extra cost to this type of training! With a lower investment than public training courses, in-house training sessions will benefit your company and improve your workforce without breaking the bank. Contact us today to learn more about custom training.

Air Selangor:

Air Selangor, formerly Syabas, required a specific session on how to effectively manage a digital and online presence specifically for the services industry. With a very vulnerable and accessible presence, it was important for the brand to understand how to operate a presence while maintaining good customer service and offering satisfaction.

OSK Property:

OSK has a wide and diverse range of businesses, departments and sectors. The aim of the program was to develop a custom session focused on the various areas of the company and how digital could be leveraged upon to ensure the very best in an online presence, taking into account the diverse nature of the target audience and stake holders.

Consultancy, Audit and Assessment Services with Project Management

Charles Mann's consultancy services are built upon a strong foundation of research, sincere advice and support. The service is designed to accurately analyse the requirements of businesses and organisations and to advise on the most effective course of action to take.

By thoroughly assessing the requirements of the area in question, our expert consultants will help identify the best tools required by your company. Therefore, before the first meeting, our consultants will already have undertaken an audit to determine the current presence and effectiveness of your implementation of existing technologies. By offering the flexibility of half day or full day on-site assessments, Charles Mann will determine the ideal action plan.

After careful research, our consultants will assess your industry specific requirements and will then suggest a strategy based upon your resources, budget and manpower availability. With unlimited post-consultancy support included, you will benefit from on going assistance and guidance.

National and International Digital Marketing and Technology Training

Charles Mann is proud to have conducted training with clients all over Malaysia as well as the south east Asia region. With digital marketing being a vital component of any business, it is important to understand how these elements form an essential part of the eco system in any organisation. We have conducted programs with a variety of regions and countries. Please click on the regions below to learn more about how we can help you and your business:

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