Professional Drone UAV Training Program

Malaysia's Premier Professional HRDF Approved Commercial Drone Pilot Training Course

Learn to fly a commercial drone or UAV as a professional pilot for your industry.

New! Three-Day Advanced Drone UAV Flying Training Course

Learn advanced drone operation and confidently operate a drone or UAV in your job role, whatever industry you represent. With increased flying hours, scenario based lessons and an FAA standard assesment, this drone piloting course is tailored specifically to enhance your skills.

HRDF Claimable Digital Marketing Training Courses and Workshops in Malaysia

Charles Mann Training and Consultancy is a British origin company that aims to be the best provider of digital media, online marketing & branding and ICT training and consultancy in Malaysia. We want to help you and your business grow through our HRDF claimable training courses and workshops in areas such as social media, email marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and now our new drone UAV piloting offering, and will guide you through the latest developments in the digital world. With the focus of the Malaysian government on digital through MDEC and schemes such as the Sarawak Digital Economy Strategy, it is the right time for businesses to focus on online technologies.

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Our Training Courses and Workshops

All HRDF Claimable

Gain comprehensive insight into the Internet of Things (IoT) with our program.
Ensure your online presence remains positive with our training course.
Equip yourself with the right engagement skills with our Facebook marketing training course.

Social Media Training Courses:

Our social media marketing training courses and workshops are business focused, by covering content that is relevant, realistic and appropriate for all types of businesses.

Email Marketing EDM Training Courses:

Our email marketing training can be a great return on investment as data has shown that EDMs have a higher conversion rate with target audiences.

SEO Training Courses:

Search Engine Optimisation SEO training is a must for businesses who want higher visibility online with those already intent on converting as a customer or client.